Stop struggling with chicken wire! The Garden Defender Fence Protection System is the easiest and most reliable solution for keeping deer, rabbits and rodents out of your vegetable or flower garden.

With its easy-access doorway, you can finally have a beautiful and bountiful gardening experience.

  • proven to keep out large and small animals
  • sturdy tubular steel construction
  • modular frame makes any rectangular shape garden
  • easy to assemble — easy to store
  • includes doorway for easy access

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Bob Hannigan, Inventor and Owner of Garden DefenderListen to Bob Hannigan, (inventor and owner), talk about The Garden Defender

The Garden Defender  Fence Protection System is the easiest and most popular and unique heavy-duty protection from deer and rabbits. No damage to your vegetables or plants with an easy to assemble and store solution that keeps the critters out of your flower or vegetable garden.

With its sturdy construction, typical square area, and height, large and small animals like deer and rabbits will not be able to damage your crops. Each base unit includes a swing open/close door to allow the organic gardening enthusiast to have easy access inside the fence to pick, weed and harvest.

deer outside of garden defender fence



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