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What are the many Advantages of The Garden Defender  Fence Protection System?

Ease of assembly, sturdy steel construction, aesthetics, reliability, easy access doorway, and long life are the major advantages.

Ease of Construction
This is a modular unit of steel construction that assembles together to fit your space. Anyone can construct the unit in a very short period of time with a screwdriver and wrench.

The Garden Defender  is made of steel and really works like a strong steel construction cage for your garden. You get 24/7 protection unlike other fences that get eaten through or knocked down by weather or animals.

Listen to Bob Hannigan, (inventor and owner), introduce you to The Garden Defender.


Watch a slide show of Garden Defender assembly.

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What is the life expectancy?
With indoor storage (over the winter months), you should be able to use and re-use your cage for 7 years or longer.

How firmly does the cage stay in place?
Each bottom joint has a flange and a hole for a stake to be driven through. All stakes (included with parts) have a feathered shaft that will keep the unit firmly in place. Or, you can mount the fence onto 4×4 lumber to make you plot level. It is recommended, when disassembling the unit, that you first pull the stake out.

Can the cage be pushed or broken into by a deer?
This is very unlikely. Because The Garden Defender  is made from sturdy steel construction, it is very stable and strong when assembled properly. While it is possible for a deer to jump the fence, deer do not like to jump into confined areas. We have had no recorded incidents since we started selling our units in 2006.

The Garden Defender  is a light green color and blends in well with your yard. Traditionally, gardeners would have to use posts and chicken wire (or rolled fence) which never looks very attractive, is very noticeable, and does not hold its shape very well.

Convenience & Re-Use
Our swing open door access allows a gardener to enter the garden very easily to pick or weed. Disassembly of The Garden Defender  is a 15 minute process. Disassemble all four panels on the corners for easy storage in the winter. You can easily stow your Garden Defender  fencing panels in large units of 8, 10 or 12 foot sections in the garage or other indoor space. The photo here show how easy it is to have multiple units stored against the wall or hung on the wall out of the way and out of winter’s harsh elements. By storing your fence panels in large units, you will assemble your gardening protection even faster for next season. By making our fencing in modular units, you have the maximum of flexibility in garden layouts for even or odd shape plots.

We have customers who hang these large lightweight sections on the wall freeing up valuable floor space. With the convenience of our modular temporary fence panels, you will enjoy gardening even more than before.

The Garden Defender  comes pre-packaged in two sizes: 8’ x 10’ and 8’ x 12’. You could start small and add another pre-packaged unit the next year or expand with our add-on panels as many of our customers do. Since the system is modular, you can make any size configuration to fit your space.

This deer was caught eating outside the garden while lettuce and other vegetables were protected.

This deer was caught eating outside the garden while lettuce and other vegetables were protected.

garden defender storage in garage or shed

Store in 8′ or 10′ sections in a garage or shed.

Large 8' to 12' sections can be hung on a garage or shed wall.

Large 8′ to 12′ sections can be hung on a garage or shed wall.

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Product Advantages – Cool Things You Need to Know April 1, 2014